What is Programmer's Tool?
Programmer's Tool is a small utility that stays in the notification area (commonly referred to as the system tray) of Windows desktop. It is useful for certain repetitive tasks when working on Windows, such as launching applications, etc.

What features does it include?
It is useful for tasks such as:
  • Launching applications using user-defined shortcuts.
  • Setting a shortcut to bring an application to the foreground if it is open or launch it if it is not open.
  • Copying text to Clipboard using a shortcut key.
  • Sending text to an open application.
  • Creating a custom menu to quickly open applications or files.
  • Displaying a Tray notification at a scheduled time.

How much does it cost?
Programmer's Tool is 100% free.

Where can I download it?
Users can download it from our download page here.